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Date: 11-14 October, 2011

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Weatherproof (WP) Construction Process



IBO Weatherproof cabinet in custom black paint with exterior fiberglass resin coating.



Weatherproof input plate includes gland-seal nuts.



Three-layer weatherproof grill includes an acoustically transparent stainless steel mesh water vapor barrier.


IBO'S Proprietary Weatherproof Construction process

  Weatherproof input connector plate    


Marine grade plywood manufactured using waterproof adhesives

Specially formulated waterproof epoxy adhesives and fillers used throughout cabinet construction

Stainless steel or structural aluminum hardware throughout,including high strength stainless steelthreaded fasteners

Fiberglass resin coating on all exterior cabinet surfaces

Waterproof epoxy coating on all interior cabinet surfaces

Three-layer weatherproof grill including a powder-coated perforated stainless steel outer grill,an ozone-resistant,fungus proof open cell foam middle grill as a dust and water barrier,and an acoustically transparent stainless steel mesh water barrier with 10000pores to the inch

All paper cone transducers treated with special IBO weatherproofing process

waterproof high temperature glues used in assembly of passive internal networks



The standard input configuration for WP systems consists of a barrier strip mounted to a phenolic panel which is recessed into the rear of the enclosure for extreme conditions,this panel can be covered by a removable 1/8-in thick aluminum plate the plate is attached to the enclosure stalnles steel machine screws A weather proof gasket between plate and enclosure insures that the seal is impervious to moisture the plate holds water proof gland-seal nuts through which the connecting cable is routed.

    Architectural specifications    


The loudspeaker shall be manufactured to withstand permanent installation in an outdoor environment The cabinet shall be constructed of marine grade plywood with a minimum of 18 plys to the inch using waterproof wood adhesives and fillers all'hardware shall be stainless steel or aluminum including hron strength stainless steel threaded fasteners,All exterior surfaces will be coated with fiberglass and all interior surfaces coated with epoxy sealer.The grill shall be constructed of three parts a powder coated stainless steel outer grill,an open cellfoam middle grill and an inner stainless steel mesh watervapor barrier all paper cone transducers shall be treated with a weatherproofing process.