M-115 is a two way low profile floor monitor comprising a 15” LF driver and acompression driver with 3”voice coil and 2” exit coupledto a 40°(H)×60°(v) rotatable horn. The M-115 features a very unobtrusive profile designed to be used where accurate round and minimal rightline disturbance is essential suchas television studios and other stage applications.The designof the high frequency horn minimized radiation spillage on the stagefloor so the reflected spillage would interfere with the direct radiation and causediction. The enclosure can be titled at 35° to 55°to the stage floor. The enclosureis constructed with (18mm)birch plywood, screwed and glued together for maxi-mum strength andrigidity, and includes a reticulated foam and steelmesh grile.It is finished in black semi-matt textured environmental friendly paint. A rear panelconnector plate carries two Neutrik Speakon NL 8MP for loop in and loop out connections to additional enclosures..




  1. Trapezoidal cabinet
  2. Narrow dispersion
  3. High SPL



  1. FOH
  2. Stage monitor


  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE : 50Hz~ 16KHz(±3dB)/ 38Hz~ 19KHz(-10dB)
  • SENSITIVITY (1W/1m) : HF: 108.5dB SPL(1.5KHz~ 20KHz) , LF: 97.5dB SPL(50Hz~ 1.5KHz)
  • POWER RATING : HF: 150W(AES)/LF: 400W(AES)
  • LF COMPONENTS : 1 x 15″horn-loaded(3″voice coil)
  • HF COMPONENTS : 1 x 2″exit compression driver(3″voice coil)
  • NOMINAL COVERAGE : 40°(H) x 60°(V)
  • CALCULATED OUTPUT (MAX) : HF: 130dB SPL, 136dB SPL peak,LF: 123.5dB SPL, 129.5dB SPL peak
  • DIMENSIONS (HxWxD) : 466 x 720 x 462(mm)
  • NET WEIGHTS : 35(kg)
  • CONNECTORS : 2 NeutrikNL4MP connectors






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