• The enclosure is of phase inverted (or vented) design. The advantage of this design is that sound wave radiated from the rear of the speaker be in phase with the sound wave radiated from the speaker front by proper phase adjustment after passing through the vent. The vent itself functions as an additional radiator is this case, and its radiation can add constructively to that of the speaker over certain frequencies. It requires less speaker excursion and therefore reduced amplitude distortion for a given acoustic output in the lowest portion of its usable bandwidth. This effect is most noticeable for frequencies in the neighborhood of the system lower cutoff frequency.


  • The shape of AR-153 enclosure is trapezoidal instead of rectangular. It is easier for arraying as well as helping in reduction of standing wave (See Figure 98)
  • MF and HF sections are horn loaded with an integrated MF/HF horn specifically designed for AR-153 (See Figure 99)
  • The HF horn is a constant directivity horn as the dispersion angle would not be narrowed with the raise of operating frequency






  • Light and rigid cone with high compliance surround and soft spider. The bandwidth is wide and better reproduction of extended low frequency
  • The materials of the cone are specially formulated pulp, fiberglass and wool
  • The magnet is made from y30 high flux strontium ferrite. The magnetic structure weight 6.15kgs
  • The diameter of voice coil is 3-inch (75mm) which is edge wound with flat aluminum wire on a Kapton former. (See Figure 102)


  • The cone is very thin and very light but extremely rigid as well as the surround and the spider. It is specifically designed for reproduction of mid range similar to a driver with 4-inch titanium diaphragm
  • As it is intended for the reproduction of 400HZ to 3.5KHZ range and is coupled to the horn without phase plug similar to LF horn loading
  • The magnet of M6/50/01Z is made from y30 high flux strontium ferrite weight 313kgs
  • The diameter of voice coil is 2-inch (50mm) edge wound with flat aluminum wire on a Kapton former. (See Figure 103)
  • The diameter of the diaphragm is 1.25-inch and made is of ultra thin titanium plus the edge wound flat aluminum wire is also very light. The whole mess of the diaphragm/voice coil assembly is very small, efficiency is very high. The high frequency can be extended to 22KHZ
  • The diameter of the throat is only 1.0-inch, the cross section is much smaller than that of the area of the diaphragm. There is a high pressure zone built up between the diaphragm as the phase plug whose total cross sections of the slits are about equal to the cross section of the throat
  • Without the phase plug, the radiation from the center of the diaphragm or cone and the radiation from of the edge reach the throat at different time as the distances are different, as well as phase difference.
  • The horn that coupled to the H1/34/05Z driver is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic







50 Hz ~ 20 KHz (± 3 dB )/30 Hz ~ 22 KHz(-10 dB)





HI-MID:16 Ohm/ LOW:8 Ohm


HI-MID/LOW:200/400 W (AES)


HI-MID:3 KHz/ MID-LOW;500 Hz


1×15〞woofer (3″voice coil)


1×6.5〞horn-loaded(2″voice coil)


1×1〞exit compression driver(1.25″voice coil)



80゜(H) ×50゜(V)


HF:126 dB SPL, 132 dB SPL peak

LF:124 dB SPL, 130 dB SPL peak


780×500×440 (mm)


47 (kg)


2 Neutrik NL4MP connectors


Flying tracks (side)

Flying hardware set (rear)



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