Adjustable Horizontal Coverage



A, the horizontal angle, with the same input power rate, the sound output reduce with the angle larger, which is very important in application.

Because the far field, require a higher energy, with a small angle (45 °), makes energy, "Focus", to shoot farther distance, while the near field, need low energy, with wide-angle (60 ° ~ 120 °),makes energy "divergence" broader coverage. Therefore, more uniform sound field coverage can be achieved.

Under the application condition of high reverberation and sound inadequate build (such as churches, glass curtain wall, sports stadiums) AHC device using can effectively improve the critical distance reverberation and improve sound reinforcement effect.
Reverb critical distance is the effective sound distance when direct sound output distance is equal to the reflected sound output distance. Thanks to AHC device’s coverage area is précised control, can min. the reflection, and increase the direct sound output. So, the corresponding reinforcement distance will increase effectively.