The Enclosure













  • Frame is die cast alloy
  • The cone is a special formula of pulp and fiberglass. The depth of the cone is rather shallower with reinforcement ribs for better reproduction of low-frequency (See Figure 16)
  • Surround and spider are stiffer to increase the mechanical stiffness
  • The cone is treated with inflammation resistant agent
  • The diameter of the voice coil is 4-inch edge wound with flat copper wire on a Kapton former. (See Figure 17)
  • The magnet is made from y30 high flux strontium ferrite weights 8.54kgs. Two M8/50/05Z handle the mid-frequency section is coupled to a CTR plane wave generator and the CTR is then coupled to the horn which form a part of the enclosure (See Figure 15). Low/mid-frequency sections of LA-208 use two L8/50/08PS 8-inch drivers which is developed by iBO specifically for LA-208.
  • Frame is die cast alloy
  • The cone is a special formula of carbon fiber, glass fiber and wool
  • The cone is light and thin but very rigid
  • Magnet is of high flux y30 strontium ferrite weights 3145kgs
  • The diameter of the voice coil is 2-inch edge wound with flat aluminum wire. The coil former is of Kapton. (See Figure 9 and 10)


  • There are several equal acoustic distance passages in the CTR. The sound wave radiated from the compression driver transfer to plane wave after passing thru these passages (See Figure 17)
  • The diaphragm is made of titanium and its surround is Mylar. The voice coil is edge wound with feat alumimium wire, (See Figure 11 and 12) the diameter is 3-inch (75mm)
  • The diameter of the throat is 1.4-inch (35mm)
  • The slits pattern of the phase plug is of circumferential type
  • y30 high flux strontium ferrite is employed and the magnetic structure weights 6.05kgs.


Applications and Technical Specifications





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