• The cone is a special formulated pulp and carbon fiber, very light and very rigid
  • The shape of the cone is straight and deep with a better mid frequency and transient response
  • The diameter of the voice is 3-inch edge wound with flat aluminum wire on a Kapton former (See Figure 34)
  • Magnet is made from high flux y30 strontium ferrite. The weights is 6.15kgs (See Figure 35)
  • Loaded horn is made from glass fiber reinforced plastic


  • The diaphragm is made of titanium and its surround is Mylar. The voice coil is edge wound with flat aluminum wire, (See Figure 36 and 37) the diameter is 3-inch (75mm)
  • The diameter of the throat is 1.4-inch (35mm)
  • The slits pattern of the phase plug is circumferential .
  • y30 high flux strontium ferrite is employed and the magnetic structure weights 6.05kgs.