iBO will attend the coming

Prolight + Sound Shanghai

       Exhibition 2011

I.B.O. Booth: W 4,A 12

Date: 11-14 October, 2011

Awaiting your enjoy with us.

LA series - equipped with iBO exclusive patented CTR technology creating full range line source, designed for large venues like pop concerts, stadiums, large concert halls and theaters.
  Wave Series – Flagship of iBO crystal clear vocal intelligibility and superb power handling. All LF, MF and HF are horn loaded for its high efficiency.
  Array Series - specifically designed for fixed installations of various venues, regardless its size, seating arrangements and floor types.
  Monitor series have wide and smooth frequency response and sufficient sound power. The directivity of the monitor speakers is well controlled to reduce the possibility of positive feedback.
  BA Series In the course of developing, we always facing and considering the factors of listening perceptions, technical speacifications and applicational functions. These factors interact on each other. Our goal of developing BA series is to seek the balance between these interacting factors.

  Phase Series systems are engineered to maintain the phase coherency of two-way compact designs for a broad range of applications such as multi-function hall or other audio visual activities.
  Quality series the mellow and undamped tonal quality of the Q Series is most favored in KTV VIP rooms.   MX series Amplifier amplifiers are designed for professional audio systems. Fully protected from short circuit, DC leakage, over load and switching noise.   Digital ProcessoriBO network audio system platform achieves the seamless integration of control, processing and monitoring